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    adding anadrol in second week instead of first

    Well I am starting cycle today of 750 test e and 500 deca for 11/10 weeks.
    I will be shooting 1000mg test 3 for the firsy week.
    Keeping it short so I can fit as summer cutter in there with some time off.

    anyways I am starting the cycle with anadrol , but since newyears is coming up , in case I have a few drinks I was going to wait until the second week to add the anadrol. there is no problem doing this is there.
    also the first week I will be taking 50mgs and the next 3 100 mgs,
    should I split the dose.

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    It won't make too big of a difference IMO, but you should've just held the whole cycle back a week instead.

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    dont start the cycle today

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