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    Question Whats Your Suggestion???!!!

    Ok, heres the deal. I am 25 6'2 and currently 188. Always been tall and little thin, however my genetics arent that bad. Anyways, I have been lifting rather seriously on and off for 5+ years now and I am looking for the best way to increase no more than 5-10lbs mass but mainly interested in defining the hard work I have already put in through trying to leaning out much more. My main objective is to define and Harden as much as I can, however, when it comes to juice, two cycles d-bol is all in the experience field. My diet is as good as expected (all the protein,multi's,aminos,carbs) with the cash I have and I dont waste time at the gym. My bf has ranged from 11% to 22% however the device I used isnt that accurate. Looking for density and definition and minimal mass gain. Where should my $ go???

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    More food, you need to up your calories and start lifting heavy. At 190lbs and 6'2 you obviously aren't getting enough calories to grow. That's where I'd start.

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    Fooooooood You are what you eat!

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    Ditto on the food. Quality/quantity diet though.

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    get 20 30 40+ pounds naturally then hit the gear and you will be much more satisfied with your might get impatient but it's worth if you dont have much to build off of its tough but worth the disciplined diet

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