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    no size gains with EQ?

    All right here is my schpeel....
    Ive been thinking about doing an EQ cycle of 400mg for 10 weeks followed by clomid post cycle.. Im reading all sort of posts saying that EQ is the shit while others are telling me that it alone will not do anything and that that I need to throw some Test in too... Im not looking for 30lbs or anything Im just looking for maybe 15 with alot of strength gains.. Ive done two cycles of Winstrol (Injections--50mg eod)and gained 12 solid lbs on my first cycle and 9lbs on the second (Diet and training was not as strict on the second cycle)..Everyone told me that the W alone wouldnt do anything and it made a huge impact on my body.. ( I think my body takes well to gear) So I guess what Im asking is has done an EQ only cycle and what were their results...
    Thanks Guys..

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    Test should be the base of any u can run EQ alone and make good wont have as much water weight, but your gains will be nothing like test gains..EQ will add a noticable amount of mass, it just will not balloon you up like test

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    I'm currently on one, I jumped it with D-bol, no weight gain since the d-bol either. I used arimidex so no water weight gains. I wish I would've used test from the begining. I'm starting it now and running it longer then the EQ because I thought just like you, but I want some weight and not getting it with EQ alone. I definatly recommend Test. Even in a small dose I would add it to your cycle.

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