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Thread: nolva?

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    whats up guys im currently on a long cycle, right now at 750mgs test e and eq at 400, i just finishes d bol at 40mgs which i took for 6 weeks, i have never been real prone to gyno(knock on wood) well in the 5th week of the dbol i started feeling soreness in my nip so i started 10mgs of nov ed. i am off of the dbol and just on test e and eq right now and the soreness has gone away, should i continue the nov or can i stop till i feel anything again(would a rebound effect take place have only been on nov for like 1.5 weeks)

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    i always run nolva all the way through my cycle and pct at 20mg, never had a problem, prevention better than any cure,
    id take it and keep taking it all the way

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    i think its better 2 take it just 2b on the safe side

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    Agree Totaly

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