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    d-bol different dosages

    How much better is 30mg dbol compared to 20mg ed. I've always used 20mgs and it has worked good for me. Just wondering if someone has expirimented with this.


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    I would say the norm is 30mg ed for 4 weeks. Anything above 30mg starts to bring along with it more sides and more weight gain(water). Anything less than 30mg brings little to no sides with less weight (water) gain. However, you will see gains with both. 50mg ed brought me some serious muscle cramps where I would have to stop my workouts short and hot flashes. Whereas 25mg is what I used for my first cycle and it gave me good results as well.

    I've ran it both under and over and like to keep at at around 30mg now until the longer esters start to kick in.
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    both are fairly low doses considering a lot of people are advising newbies to start with 50mg. i'm definately not a newbie, but i've never taken d-bol. i've always done anadrol , but i'm fixin to try d-bol to jump start my next cycle with some slin(i've heard they work really well together), but anyways i'm just gonna take 25mg. if you grow easy-you just grow easy. some people have to take a ton of shit to gain, but if you've already grown well from 20mg-i'd go ahead and try 30. it's a safe dose and you'll probably need to up the dose from time to time if you expect to keep making good progress.

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    Always use the least amount that still gives you good results.

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