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    Long Acting same time with Short Fast Acting Test

    Do you think it is wise to take Test Enathate same time with Test Suspension in the same cycle, I mean long acting and fast acting testosterone .
    I was planning on doing 8 week cycle as follow>

    1week - 8week

    1g test enanthate per week
    700mg test suspension per week
    500mg deca per week
    250mg tren per week
    100mg anadrol per day
    50mg winstrol per day
    50mcg cytomel per day


    what do u think? I know I am a heavy user...

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    You are defently a heavy user! Since you have anadrol as would work greate as a kick-starter, why take suspension(kick-starter)+enanthate . You said the cycle would only last 8-weeks to, so why not drop both of them and go with test-prop instead. The nadrolone should be fast-acting as well if you are only on for 8-weeks. (Its a good idea to have winstrol in their to block progestin-sides when using both tren and deca in the same cycle.)

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