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    This is the physic that i want to acheive!! what roids do you think jean claude has taken casue he obvioulsy has done at some point!! and how would training be to acheive this sort of level
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    Alot of cross training, cardio, and weights. A proper diet is key. What are your stats? How is your diet, and training? Post a one or two week log with your stats.

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    well im bout 5'7, 11 and half stone. i train about 3 times a week.
    i dont know my measurements body wise but my arms (triceps) are my best feature they are 16 and half inch.

    mon- chest and tri
    tues- shoulders and back
    wednesday- biceps and legs

    what i do is use a weight that its heavy to push me more so i stick to 3 sets of 12 on just the one weight and up that weight every 2 weeks, i get more of a burn and pump doing it that way instead of the 10, 8 ,6.

    after each session i do 10 min on tredmil and 10 min on the bike then ab workout after.

    my diet is quite good i dont have sugar or takeaways, mostly carbs e.g pasta and protein shakes.

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    IMO, you don't need gear to get that look. Proper diet and training will get you there, along with some patience. He's size is not much, he's cut though.

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