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Thread: Gyno and Time!!

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    Exclamation Gyno and Time!!

    PLease help! Its probably been a year now since I took a short cycle of d-bol by itself and noticed quite some time later that I had some pointy nips. At first I didnt think the just a short cycle of d-bol would do that to me and figured maybe I just hadnt noticed it before. NOw I am sure I need to do something so I have flat nips instead of them being pointy but is it too late or can I still take something to make this gyno dissapear besides focusing on lower chest to tighten it up a bit? Please help restore me!

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    Can you feel any lumps/tissue behind your nips? You could try a high dose of nolva, say 80mg ED and see what effect that has. You could even try some letro if that doesn't work. I would start with 1.25mg ED and see how that goes. If none of that works then it looks like surgery is your answer.

    I take it you didn't run any anti-e's with the dbol ? What dose did you use?

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    ive heard that nolva can reduce gyno only if its taken immediately after the gyno appears. letro is probably the way to go. it works really well to take a little orally, and also take some with a transdermal like phlojel or dmso applied directly to the affected area. I had a slight problem myself, but i started doing this. its only been 4 days, and im already seeing results.

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