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    Post Plz Help!!..opinions Needed From Exp Lifters

    im plannin on going on a 6-8 week cycle of deca -dura, parabolan , and

    Winny...i weigh about 145, roughly 5' 10...bench 175....but i want to get the

    max results from my money spent and get off after the 8 do i

    get the max results and keep the majority afterwards...
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    I'm not gonna talk about your cycle, but anyway the key to getting great gains is DIETING+HARD WORK+REST. The key to keeping the gains is the same thing I mentioned. Stick with it after your cycle just as hard.

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    thats for sure, you have to stubornly keep at it after you finish your cycle. also, try running clenbuterol during pct, that will help you keep most if not all of your gains. btw, you would probably get better results if you ran 500 mgs of test enanthate and 400 mgs of equipose a week for ten weeks. deca is a bulker, but parabolan and winstrol are not.
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    I would hold off on the gear and gain as much as u can naturally. I started out at 5'10" 124 lbs. almost 2 yrs ago. I started training hard and eating right, gained about 20 lbs. the 1st 3 mos. overall gained about 40 lbs. in about a year's time.

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    5'10" AND 145-I would strongly recommend you hold off on the AAS bro, how old are you?

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