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Thread: damn eq!

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    damn eq!

    After just one week (2 shots of 150 mg each) of Eq I have developed acne on my forehead. Pretty bad too. I am not prone to acne when off AS. any recomendations that will alleviate the acne even just bit...i mean shit, i just started! Im gonna look like a monster by week 5! NOT GOOD! HELP PLEASE


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    i hAVE eq in my cycle too and Im in week 5 and started to develop bad acne so i started drinking about 1 to 2 gallons of water a day and noticed that it has gotten better. I also noticed my face has gotten almost acne free but still have a little on my chest.

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    EXCESS wrote a great FAQ on acne treatments for steroid users.

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    do u tan it helps me alot.

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    1. dring enough water so that you pee every 30 minutes
    2. Go to bed early and let you're body decide how much sleep you need

    Maybe its just me, but if i cheat myself on fluids or sleep, i breakout bad.Get the basics straight first before you hit the accutane. Its tough on you're body.

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