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    test dbol cycle help

    Hi everyone. I just want to say thanks for all your help with my trainning. I went from 230lbs 25% body fat to 195lbs and 5% body fat in 14 weeks thanks for your help. Need some more info and help. I went on holidays for 21 days and gained 20lbs. Not bad I dropped 10 of them so far. Well here is my question I'm now 6'0 205lbs and have 10% bf. I would like to run a cycle of test e for 14 weeks 500mgs and week 1-4 30mgs of dbol . Her is my problem. I would like to get my body fat down again,but gain some lean muscle. Do I do this with diet ie gain lean muscle diet. Please help guide me. I need to be in great shape for the summer. So what do I do? thank you for your help!

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    4,558'd do a very clean bulk diet to achieve the results you are looking for.Cardio on off days(active recovery).


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