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    Critique next cycle

    ok history first have done 4 cycles in the past 4 years first one was deca only yea i know i was young and stupid 10 wks 300 mg ew no pct nuttin i didnt know a damn thing back then then deca 1-10 300 mg ew and winny 2-10 50mg ed clomid for pct, still didnt know much next cycle deca 1-10 300mg ew eq 1-10 400-600 ew winny 6-10 50 mg ed novla at 10mg ed through cycle clomid for pct, now on this last cycle i became alot smarter and learned how to actually do a correct cycle but this was only a T-bol var cycle 50mg ed for T-bol 40mg ed for var clomid for pct now here is the real deal please help out where needed btw i never got deca dick once but i did get bloated lol anyway heres the new one

    Test E 500mg ew weeks 1-14
    Eq 600mg ew weeks 1-13
    T-bol 75 mg ed weeks 7-16
    Var 60mg ed weeks 7-16

    Arimidex 1mg ed weeks 1-20
    Nolva or Letro (need help with this one) both would be weeks 1-20 nolva at 20mg ed and letro at .25 mg ed which one do you prefer and why
    Clomid weeks 16-20 300mg first day next 4 100mg then 50 day 5-30 weeks

    Also post your comments on gains that could be obtained if diet is good and workout intensity is high along with cardio every day 20-30 mins a day trying to get about 15 pounds of shreded muscle not water weight bloat so help me out guys thanks

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    Do you want to bulk or cut with this cycle ? If you are bulking I would dump the Eq and replace it with Deca . Why dont you think about jump starting the cycle with Test Prop for five weeks as well.

    I dont know that you should do two orals at the same time even though Var has low sides, very hard on the liver, I would dump the t-bol and up the var to 80mg

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    what's your goals?

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    Goals are to get more shreded and hard while gaining 15 pounds of quality muscle

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    in my opinion .... run ur test higher than the eq ... maybe go with prop instead of enan since ur looking for lean gains .... and if u want you could use the tbol to jumpstart ur cycle ... and end with the var for that lean look

    you could try something along these lines ...

    Enan 1-14 500mg (prop 1-16 75mg ED)
    EQ 1-13 400mg
    Tbol 1-6 75mg ED
    Var 11-16 60mg ED

    ldex .25-.5mg ED
    nolva 10mg ED

    PCT 17-20 ... i recommend Pheedno's PCT

    that will do wonders for u if u have ur diet/training in check

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    I dont like idea of running 14-16-weeks cycles. 8-10-weeks is yust find, you want grow much more after that anyway. And there will be more loses afterwards with long cycles because of poor/slow recovery. Try this:
    test prop-75mgs ed 1-8
    deca (fast acting)-400 mgs ew 1-8
    winstrol -50mgs ed 1-8(winny will also block progestin sides with deca)
    proviron -50mgs ed 1-8
    nolva-10 mgs ed 1-8+pct

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