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    Lightbulb what do you think

    ok, i was taking clomid 100mg ed for 3 weeks. and at the end of the three weeks i started having vision problems. my vision just becomes blurry, and everything is moving a little bit. its almost like when you look into water, and you can see your reflection, but everything is moving a little bit, thats what its like. i havent taken clomid for two weeks and three days but im still having vision problems. i heard that clomid's half life is 5 days. if thats true, shouldent all of the clomid be out of my system by now? thanks.

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    although ive never experienced it personally, it could be permanent. id talk to an optometrist about it.

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    am on 100 mg ed for 2 weeks now i can say that somtimes i have vision prob but not always am willing 2 run it for 4o days so lets see what can happens

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