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    1st cycle advice needed!!

    i m 28 5-7 200 pounds about to start 1st cycle im going to try sust 250 @ 250 week for 12 stacked with deca 300 @300 week for 11 weeks and start a clomid nlova pct 21 days after last injection & will have nolva on hand in case on any gyno im currently workout 3 to4 days a week (every other day)can i or should i workout more often than that while on the gear?

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    i wouldnt do sustanon . if you were going to cycle sust, do 20 mg EOD of the week. i would just do a 3 month cycyle of test enan or cyp @ 500 mg EW. Its plain and simp,e and you will gain great gains if you eat every 3-4 hours and train 1 body part a week w/ the right amount of cardio.

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    a 1st cycle imo would be as follows.
    1-12 500mg test e.
    twice weekly injects to keep your blood levels stable which in turn will maximize gains and minimize sides!Also make sure you have some sort of anti like nolva or l-dex for any unwanted sides you may get,and have your pct sorted before you start the cycle.

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    I was working out 3-4 times a week before I started my first and it increased to 5-6. One day was all cardio/abs but the only day I truly rested was sunday.

    I was taking omnadren250 at 250/week for 8 weeks and then 500 for 4 weeks. I stacked the first 4 weeks with Dbol and took 6-oxo during cycle and clomid after. I got pretty good gains, my face broke out really bad, and my balls started to shrink a little but I upped the dosage of 6-oxo and it seemed to help that.

    Im getting ready to start cyp @ 250 for 5 weeks, and 500 for 10 I believe.

    Oh, and I started with lower dosages because I didnt want to blow up real fast and have everyone know I was taking roids...some friends did higher dosages and it was really obvious. If you aren't in a very social environment it doesn't really matter I guess though.
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    You really dont need to increase the # of days you can still overtrain, dont forget that

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    only test @ 500 mg for 10 or 12 weeks is enough for u with good diet
    u shouldnt train 5or 6 days at all our body needs the rest to grow dont forget that we dont grow while working out but while rest and sleep

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