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    cycle for some army guys

    I did a couple of cycles back in my college days. Now in the Army I managed to get a nasty break in my left foot and get myself laid up for about six weeks. Now with the holidays and the extended break from pt I'm far far out of shape. After about one month of prep myself and a couple of guys in my platoon want to do a cycle. Some suggestions from you guys would be great. I haven't been to the site in a couple years and am trying to get back up on the knowledge step.

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    why would u wanna risk getting discharged over AAS use...also u said one month of prep?...u should lift for a while and then think about AAS...I actually just sittn 187 right now about 12-14% bf...after basic ill prob be sitting around 165 single didget bodyfat...and i dont think im gonna cycle while im in the army because of the risk of gettn discharged...honestly it isnt worth it..wait

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    Yeah don't risk getting booted but if you dont wanna listen to me STAY AWAY FROM DECA !!! Research and choose a steroid that is out of your system in very quick time after your last shot.

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