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    probably at the gym

    steroids and laws

    what is illegal with steroids , i mean, i know it is illegal if you compete in something were you're payed to be good at something, but if you just use steroids for your self, is that very illegal? and what about buying and selling? is it anny difference if you buy it in public or if you buy it in your sources appartment?

    just wondering, 'cos i got my self some troubles now...

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    on the field
    yes all of the above is illegal

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    all of the above is illegal but the punishments are quite minor, unless you were trafficing

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    It depends where you are dude. Laws differ from country to country.
    For example, to have roids(non-prescrption) in US illegal in Canada I believe legal. Buy roids OTC legal in Mexico, illegal in US without prescription.

    I for one, am kinda glad they are illegal after I see kids poping superdrol and M1T like candy without PCT. Theres not much margin for error with roids.

    So its not illegal like cocaine but is a controlled substance

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