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    Test Prop with Test E

    Could i run test prop for 3 weeks along side test E till it kicks in then drop the prop...? Am i right in thinking the test E would be ineffective until that time meaning that allthough i would have my test E dosage aswell as my prop dosage, i would only really have my prop working?

    Not sure if this makes sense i cant put in words what i mean but basically, even though i would be injecting say 1300mg Test for the first 3 weeks, my body would only actually be using the prop...I dont want to run too much test just yet, definitly not ready for 1g

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    I comprehend what it is youre saying and Id say sure its a great method IMO to kickstart cycle, better then Dianabol IMO. Id just bump it upto 4 weeks rather then 3.

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    Yes thats exactly what you can do, I will do it for five weeks as I feel thats how long it takes for the Test E to start working. Remember you have to shoot the Prop ED or at least EOD

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