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    Can someone help? I'm frustrated!!!

    Okay, I am REALLY getting frustrated with my belly fat! I am up to 280lbs, and my whole body is getting very solid! I am using D-bol with deca right now and loving the shit out of the results! As I said, I am getting hard as hell, and strong as an ox!

    I run in the morning, weight train in the evening.
    I think I eat very well.
    I am so goddamn dedicated and I'm getting frustrated!
    My Belly is still fat!

    What can I do differently?

    If diet is the answer, please give me specifics. I mean tel me EXACTLY what I should eat and at what times. I am so frustrated, I feel like throwing my hands up and saying F**K-IT-ALL!!!

    I have this "spare tire" that won't go away! Now, I just recently started the A.M. running. Should I be more patient and see how that works out?

    I eat about 40g. of protein and have a bowl of oatmeal after the a.m. cardio. Then, about 11:00 am I have a protein bar and some cottage cheese. usually around 1:00pm, I'll have a chicken breast or some beef. 3:00 or so, maybe another protein bar or some more chicken. About 5 or so, I'll have some more beef or Cottage cheese. Then I eat again after weight training. I'll have a couple of protein shakes and some chicken. I stay away from the carbs because it's usually 9:30 or 10:00 pm.


    I definaltely have the drive and the desire, but I think I'm missing the proper knowledge!


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    First off you should be running test with that cycle... second that is "part" of a bulking cycle so you will look fat for awhile. Its part of the trade off. when you jump off you will start to loose bloat.

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    ive found that the best way to lose weight fast is to eat the least amount possible. if you were to eat only 40 grams of whey protein mixed with water, and about 1/4 cup of oatmeal every 4 hours, you could drastically lose weight. that diet combined with dedicated lifting and cardio would get you shredded real quick.

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    Like Tranzit said, You are running a bulker. You can't expect to have abs while doing this. When you start running a cutter, you will see a huge difference so don't get so down on yourself. My abs have gone away, but it's all part of the sacrifice you make while you are bulking.

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    A strict, and I mean strict diet helped
    me loose my belly fat, which I had alot of..
    I lost over 60lbs of crap a couple years
    back. And all I did was sit and read in the
    diet forum day after day, just learning
    what I could. If course..I also worked
    my @ss for it, and it will pay off. Cut out
    all the white crap in your diet, and any sodas.
    Sodas were my killer...

    Just my 2cc's worth

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    If you are trying to gain weight you will gain bodyfat its as simple as that to lose the stomach you will have to drop weight.

    The reason the rest of your body looks harder is because of intercellular water retention from the AAS this gives you a constant pumped look, and pushes the muscle out against the skin making you appear harder and leaner than you actually are.

    Think how much harder you always look after a workout, its the same thing.

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