So anyway
Before December I was 5'9 195 9% bodyfact
and after 6 xmas parties in 4 weeks, + taking a month off of the gym + over indulging... I hit the scales at about 205lb s

I plan on working out natural for 4 weeks to get "the habit" back and then starting beginning of Feb doing a lowdose cycle as follows

Deca 200mg every 5 days Wk1-8 (280mg wk)
Sust 250mg every 5 days Wk1-8 (350mg wk)
Clen 60-100mcg ED Wk1-4 & 6-10
IGF-1 40mcg ED (or HGH 4IU EOD... not sure) Wk 2-6
Nolvadex 20mg ED Wk 1-12

So questions are :
Anyone used the ARR IGF1?
HGH vs IGF-1 (any comments on personal use?)

Im looking to get my hardened look back, add some quality condition, and increase my strength and endurance.
Any suggestions? (I only use AAS prescribable in the US so that rules out EQ)

Thanks Again