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    Question Dear Senior members

    I am relativley new to the gear game, but I am learning alot very fast. I have only done two cycles thus far that consisted of D-bol 25mg/ml at 3cc's 3 times per week. I also stacked with T200 in the amount of 3cc twice a week. I want to finish this D-bol/Test cycle and go onto a Winstrol / T-200 cycle. The winny is 50mg/ml. I have read many diffrent cycles on the winny from injections every day to every 5 days???? I would like for someone to give me some "tryed and tested" advice if possible on dosage and days per week on the Winny/Test200 combo.

    Thanks a Ton!!

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    winny, 50mg ed, and t200 600mg/week. Inject the t200 twice a week.

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    Like broncojosh said above, Winny is typically takes at 50mg ED and I think everybody agrees this is best.

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    T200 and winnie... hmm

    600 mg T200 a week for 10 weeks
    50 mg winnie everyday weeks 6-12
    0.25 mg arimidex everyday weeks 1-12 (or 0.5 mg eod)
    Clomid week 13.5 (three days after last winnie dose)


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