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    are my DBOL rEaL???? (help)

    Hey guys i just got these dbol from a buddy and there not lookin quite right to me. All the dbol ive ever gotten in the past have been in solid pill form and these are in capsule form. Ive also tasted the powder inside the capsule and it dosent have the real bitter taste that the last dbol i had did. Here are a few pics
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails are my DBOL rEaL???? (help)-img_0101.jpg   are my DBOL rEaL???? (help)-img_0108.jpg   are my DBOL rEaL???? (help)-img_0107.jpg   are my DBOL rEaL???? (help)-img_0103.jpg   are my DBOL rEaL???? (help)-img_0102.jpg  

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    Was just looking on the net and come across a prevous thread regarding your pills.
    I think they are legit going by what the guy said. If you do a search you will find more on them.
    Have you started taking them yet?
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    These caps are from a UGL... Yes they are legit but if I was you I would erase this as there is no posting of UGL anymore...

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    this would be better off suited in the steroid pics forum!
    you will get better responses there mate.

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    What they taste like?

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    Yes, UGL.
    And the taste? d-bol pouder is allmost tasteless. It's the filler that gives you the taste.

    If you thrust them, go for it. you know soon enough if they work or not.
    UGL can be under or overdosed 50mg is a bit high for my standards, unless you got a spare liver.
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