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    I will be starting my Anavar cycle tomorrow. 50mg for 6 weeks ED. Doing 1 hour of cardio every morning before work on an empty stomach and then doing a full workout in the evening. My friend is also starting a winny cycle tomorrow same dose for same period of time. We both have milk thistle and liv52 and will be taking plenty of flax seeds.

    My question is: when is it most beneficial to take the liv52, milk thistle and flax? Should we just start throwing in flax seeds into the everyday food we eat? Should we also take the liv52 while taking half a pill in the morning and then again while taking the other half in the evening?

    Can someone enlighten me on the best time to take these protectants as well as the Var/Win?

    Thanks guys

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    Those are shitty cycles and you are probably not ready for a cycle, anyway, at age 20.

    You obvoiusly haven't done research for shit. Cancel that cycle and keep reading.

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    HMMM whats yer goal?

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