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    be careful with aspirin

    I know that the Aspirin is very often used by BBers, but you should be careful with it:in fact a study shows that too much aspirin can give temporary hears problem which totally disappear when the aspirin ingestion is stopped (really!! it's not a joke) guys if you use an ECA and you feel problem to hear correctly,don't be afraid and stop Aspirin for a few weeks and when you'll come back to it,take lower dosages than you took before...

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    THANKS but the more the merryer

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    Cool Also keep in mind . . .

    . . . that aspirin, by nature, is an anti-coagulant. (That's why patients who are on Coumadin or other blood thinners cannot take aspirin or other NSAID drugs.)

    As such, it means that if you do an ECA stack on a regular basis, you will be more prone to bleeding than if you didn't take aspirin. Cuts and lacerations will bleed more and, depending on your age and skin characteristics, you will also bruise more easily.

    No big whoop, but something to be aware of.,

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