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    What to do with Extra Prop?

    This is my Cycle I will be starting Sunday:

    Week 1-7 Tren . 75/ED
    Week 1-10 Eq. 600/WK
    Week 1-13 Prop 100/ED
    Week 7-13 Winny 50/ED
    Week 4-13 ProViron 50/ED

    Now I will have 9ml. leftover of the Prop, should I just run an extra week and two days extra.
    Or should I frontload the Prop. 150/ED for the first 18 days of my cycle.
    Will frontloading help with Prop?

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    Why not just save it for next cycle? But if you aren't using it in your next cycle, I would probably just even my doses out and use it all throughout the entire cycle.

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    Give it to me.

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    i would save it. it will ultimately save you some $$ in the long run. and front-loading with prop won't really make a difference, speaking from personal experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seattle Junk
    Give it to me.
    No I'll take it.

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