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    Test Prop Pain & Cycle Help

    Hi what’s up guys? Well I am a new bee here on this forum and I have to say it’s a great place to learn about steroids . So with any post there has to be some topic and this topic has to do with Test Prop (Testosterone Propionate ) and my cycle. All I have to say is WTF this shit hurts. I am on my second shot and my left leg acts like it’s a prosthetic leg and I am about to feel it in the right one tomorrow. Here is the deal I am 25 years old and am 5-6 196lbs 20% bf, bench 285, waist 32i n, arms 17 in, 40 in chest. I have been actively lifting since I was about 16, now I am in the Marines and currently over here in Iraq. Here I have started my first cycle of AAS my first mistake and here is the lay out.

    Test Prop Week 1-10 100 mg EOD

    Deca Week 1 100 mg
    Week 2 200 mg
    Week 3 300 mg
    Week 4 & 5 400 mg
    Week 6,7, & 8 300 mg
    Week 9 & 10 200 mg

    Clenbuterol Week 1 60 mcg ED
    Week 2 80 mcg ED
    Week 3 100 mcg ED

    Week 7 60 mcg ED
    Week 8 80 mcg ED
    Week 9 100 mcg ED

    T-3 Week 4 & 5 50 mcg ED
    Week 6 & 7 100 mcg ED

    So there you go I am trying to cut up and add a few pounds of muscle and loose some weight. I know we have people from all types in here who have a great deal of knowledge, but this is what I have and I have to make do with what I have so please don’t say “well dude you should of got this and the shit you have sucks“ please none of that. I don’t have CVS right down the street and mail takes like a month to get out here so please think about what your going to say before saying it.

    Some of the questions I have are:

    1. Does anyone see a problem with this cycle?
    2. What do you recommend for PCT being its all at small doses? (Please break it down)
    3. What can you do to help the pain of Test Prop?
    4. What should my calorie intake be around per day?
    5. What kind of gains will I be looking at getting after the cycle?
    6. When should this all kick in? I started on the 1st of the year.

    I need the facts guys and its not because I am a jerk its because I did this before with the forum and someone told me to get Test Prop and it’s the best, well I did and I am starting to think it was a joke on me. I would love to get some good feed back and opinions. I do not have any kind of PCT right now and need to buy some soon so some info on PCT would be great. I eat all right over here in the desert but I know I need to be eating more so any tips on supplements witch would help substitute my eating options would be great too. I eat 3 square meals a day and munch on little stuff between the meals. I also take nitro tech to help out with my protein intake.

    P.S. By the way working out before the shot dont work to well. I am hurting with the Test Prop and am thinking of calling it quits. Does the pain get any better or will it be like this the hole 10 weeks?

    Thanks guys “The Bruin”

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    ..For a first cycle, I'd run test prop only @ 75mg ED for 10 weeks....wait 3 days after your last injection, then start PCT....Check out the PCT forum for Pheedno's PCT......and the pain from your prop MAY decrease after a few injections...

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