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    Switching needles before injecting HELP

    I got a question. I read that you should switch the needle on the syringe before injecting it because piercing the vial to draw the oil out dulls the needle and it is tougher to piece the skin and can cause and abcess. My question it how do you switch the needle? Does it pop off, screw off, etc? Are all syringes made to switch needles or only certain ones? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks -K

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    not all do but the ones at arr are removable

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    You need to get a draw pin 19 gauge to draw with, easier and dont waste pins.

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    Not all needles are removable from the syringe. I use Terumo syringes and needles. The needles on Terumo syringes are screw on/off. It is always better to use a low guage needle somewhere around 18-20 for drawing the liquid from wherever (vial, amp) and then switch to either a 23 or 25 guage 1" - 1.5" needle. Hope this helps!

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