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    Please Help a fellow friend

    Hey guys. I am new to this board and could really use some help.
    I would like input on my cycle. Anything will help.

    12 week cycle:

    Sustenon 250
    Deca Durabolin

    End of cycle:

    I would like information on amounts to use, when to use clomid. I would also like to know when I should use the anti-estrogen-nolvadex or proviron .
    I am not starting this cycle for about 3 months so that I can do it right. I have a strong base-been working out for 2.5 years and never done a cycle. I am looking for size gains that will stay permenantly.
    Thanks for all your help.

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    Some stats age would help

    Run the deca @ 400mg per week for 10 weeks
    Sust @ 500mg per week 10 weeks
    D-Bol 30mg per day 4-5 weeks at the beginning of the cycle

    Clomid 3 weeks after the last injection day 1 300mg 10 days 100mg 10 days 50mg

    Take Milk thistle @ 1000mg per day or 500mg MT and 500mg ALA

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    the vast wasteland
    bb nailed it for ya bro............

    peace bb79

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    more stats

    Alright see if this helps
    20 years old
    170 pounds
    6 feet 2 inches tall
    2.5 years natural
    first cycle
    looking mainly for gains-would like to put on at least 15-20 pounds (or more) of quality muscle that will last.
    Safety is of course important-so please post safe doses.
    first timer not insane juicer
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