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Thread: starting androl

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    starting androl

    i'm starting androl somewhat nervously, the main reason.. well first of all, when i was 13 i was diagnosed with mild bi-polar turns out i didn't have bi-polar i was just having mild depression and being very hyper at times. Anyways when i took Geodon a med for bipolar i had muscle spazms which happend in my nazal something.. i don't know what it's called but it made it very hard to breathe and it would close so i couldnt't breath it would open up later so i could breath again. When i took the anti-depressents at 150mg at age 14 which is for mild depression, i simply walked around constantly and paced talked to myself.. believe me people thought i was a complete weirdo for doing that. It also made it hard to stand still. Anyways those are all anti psychotics and anti depressent crap. Anyways i'm starting a 2nd cycle now that i collected everything, just to make sure, Do u think i will respond terribly to these meds too? by the way i went off of all my meds at 15, cuz the doc said i didn't need them anymore
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    whats your stats?

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