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    qv prop 100 and supra deca 300

    sorry for the rant guys, i would appreciate any comments....

    im 5'8
    26 years old
    i weigh around 167-171.
    not sure exact bodyfat, but i have good geneitcs and a fast metabolism.....

    i did a two cycles in my life, both were deca 200, one was brovell labs and one was qv. i loved the experience both times. now.....

    i am looking at the qv prop 100 and wondering about when and how i should use. i know it is a VERY weak cycle compared to most on this board. im even sure some wouldnt even waste this unless there was another mix to the questions are:

    considering many people dont feel the prop kickin in until a week to three weeks after the shoot, why shoot every day or everyother day? i know ignorance would have u shoot every seven days with prop, but what about shooting every 3 or 4 days? would that be much of a difference then shooting everyother day? scientifically, how can prop not be effective if shot every 3 or 4 days? does the "rush" just last 24-36 hours?

    also....has anybody ever heard of Supra Labs out of canada? ive done my research about em and found a lot of threads, but all date from 01 to 03, then i read some shit about them getting poppd. i have one bottle of deca 300, 20 ml, with a home made looking label, but it does have a holigram. there is a batch number and its said to expire around 8/09? whats ur thoughts on the lab? the top doest look recrimped, but it was given to me without a box or cap (the rubber top was exposed when i got it). i knw people swear by UG labs, but i was looking for any recent information. ill post a pic later, but what would you be looking for? i really dont wanna believe some crook filled up jars with olive oil and pawned em off to juiceheads as some UG lab, i have the money to send it off to be tested but i cant find any labs to do so. any help would be appreciated.

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    Read the sticky up top regarding mentioning UGL names on the open board.

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    i see no sticky up top. i do see numerous threads not only naming but ranking UG labs, but thanks for ur comment. am i offensive

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