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    Does taking proviron while on cycle.......

    Does taking proviron while on cycle..........
    1. keep you from having estrogen problems?
    2. prevent gyn
    3. make using navaldex a waste?

    If you had to use only one or the other would it be Pro or Nov?

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    i've posted this same post and never really got a answer from a vet. actually one vet(i think) gave me some good advice that i verified by researching a little more. basicall proviron prevents the aromatizing of steroids , where as nolvadex merely blocks the estrogen receptors. also nolvadex can cause a rebound effect, which means when you stop taking it, if you still have high estrogen levels you could quickly get gyno, bloating, etc. proviron is the better drug, although a lot of dumb-ass newbies will try and tell you otherwise. your best route is obviously to take both, which is what the vet told me, too. take 25-50mg proviron and 10-20mg nolva.

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