I was just wanting a little input on the next cutting cycle that I plan on doing. I am about 12%-15% body fat and just want to get cut and shredded. I have done plenty of cycles before but never really a cutting cycle. Here is what I was thinking about doing:

Preload with sustanon 250 for the first two weeks at 500 mg a week.
Then start out at:

Weeks 1-10: 700 mg test. enant./ 400 mg Eq.
Weeks 11-15: 700 mg test. enatnt./75 mg Tren EOD/ 35 mg anavar ED

Then follow up with the proper clomid usage at the end of my cycle.

I was wondering if I should take the anavar and the tren at the end or the begining of the cycle? Also, is it fine to take the tren EOD insted of ED.

Thanks Fellas,