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    Take a look in my picture and help me!


    Take a look in my picture and please, help me! See my big belly?
    Im 30 years old now and after workout for 2 years, i went 174lbs to 185lbs - 25% bf to 18%bf - but the f@#$ng results stopped to show up.
    I decided to use steroids . i wanna to do 2 good cycles in my life and i dont want to make mistakes. I want to do a cycle to bulk up and another one to cutting.
    I've been here in Anabolicreview for about 7 mounths and spend hours reading and get some knowledge before start to juice.
    Well, i got a package with juice to 8 weeks - deca (400mg/w) and sust(500mg/w) - 3boxes of clomid and some novaldex.
    Ok! I'm ready to go, BUT i'm scared to get fat as i'm now.
    Or to my shape is better to just do a cycle to cutting - Like Fina, Winny and some test. or Eq?
    Can someone please help me?
    Thanks for the help and sorry about my english!
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    id go w/ a winny/fina stack. watch your diet and stick to it. you could probably just do a shit load of cardio and get on a strict diet plan and you'll loose a good bit of fat. but if your gonna use some juice for an edge than good luck.

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    I agree eat reasonably, cardio cardio cardio pump 3x per week run on off days

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    I agree with the others

    If you are worried that you are too fat to start the sustanon / bulking cycle, then eat a good low fat diet and do cardio to lose some fat before starting.

    You could always do the cutting cycle first, but I think it would be a waste. Just get your diet and exercise right first.

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    You are joking, right?
    If not, no offense, but you are not working hard enough.......2 years of serious natural weight training should render much better results than this.
    And steroids will not magically make up for a lack of effort in the gym. 2 cycles will not get the job done, either.
    Look, I'm not trying to be a prick here, but weight training is not a hobby, it's a way of life. The decision to use steroids should be made after considerable research and after years of busting your ass in the gym to the point where you can honestly say that you have reached your maximum genetic potential naturally. Trust me, you have not reached that point. Once you start down the path of chemical enhancement, there is no turning back........especially if you don't have an excellent natural base........cause you will look the same again as in the pic 6 months after you stop.

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    Well said ironmaster!

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    thanks ironmaster

    diet+cardio= results

    after those results i gonna use winny, fina and sus250. Or is better just use fina 75mg/eod + winny 50mg ed? Scared to be swelled

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    yes, listen to ironmaster. this advice is extremely valuable!

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