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    shortest detection time?

    Since I am planning on going into law enforcement, It would probably behoove me to be a smaller, less noticably freakish man.

    That being said I just don't see myself discontinueing juicing at all.

    I was thinking of maybe doing just prop/var cycles from now on?

    I think they have a detection time of 3 days after you discontinue am i wrong on this?

    Also the no bloat and lean hard gains from that would probably not lead people to accuse me of roids.

    Any experiences or information is appreciated thanks.

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    Prop can be detected 2 to 3 weeks after you have discontinued the cycle, anavar is around 3 weeks as well.

    Suspension has the shortest detection time since there are no metabolites....... so in a few days it should be non detectable.

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