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    Cycle Help Would be Appreciated

    Boys every year I try to make a giant cutting and bulking this year. I am gonna just focus on cutting.

    I want to have winny oral, anavar , and trenbalonee in a cycle and maybe primo. I have nolvadex and cloms on hand post cycle. I have an idea in my head, but can people please give me there recomendations.

    Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (from LK "LYKA" LABS) 1ml/76mg
    STANOZOLOL 10mg;1box-100tabs (LA PHARMA)
    OXANDROLONE 10mg;1box-30tabs (LA PHARMA)

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    If your looking to use them compounds then i would seriously advise you to add test prop if your looking for a cutter.

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    yup gotta agree with the nice lookin avvy abouv!you will need a test base with the gear you have there.prop would be good as you can run that ed with the tren !

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    There are 2 other threads like this. Your asking the same questions. You were given advice in both threads.

    Put a cycle together, post it, then we will critique it.

    Cycle Help Would be Appreciated

    How is this for a cutting cycle?

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