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    Should i be concerned??

    Ite i might look like a real pussy here, but watever so here goes. The last few months ive been on NO xplode n love the pumps, and about every 3 weeks ive had to up the dose, because the same dose wasnt giving me the same effect. Well today i was down to only 2 scoops( i usually use 3) and worked out, all my weight stayed the same, and i even dropped one rep on my shoulders, heres the question concerning AAS. When i use 3 scoops, i notice during my workout im on a HUDGE!!! emotional rollercoaster, if i get weeker i notice my mood drops GREATLY, and i get VERY emotionaly upset, and pissed off, to the point where i cant sleep at night thinking baout how to get stronger, n what i need to do to get bigger. I also notice i over analyze EVERYTHING n im just not in an overall good mood. Today with only 2 scoops , i feel 10000 time better emotionally, and mentally. I mean id im efected this much bye just a product like NOX, should i even ce conciderind AAS, im thinking of doing a cycle of test E, and think i can manage the emotional rollercoaster for 3 months, question is when i come off will i be back to normall, or is it n effect that will be with me forever? This just really opened my eyes to how the NOX was effecting me negativly, n made me think about how the AAS will efect

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    seems to me you have an overly addictive personality. may wanna get that in check first

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    Yes, you should be concerned about taking steroids . I don't have any info. on what you are taking right now, so I won't comment on the sides that you see for that. But your mind is going in the direction that anyone that has ever taken steroids has noticed. We all want to be bigger, more cut, stronger, or faster. Once you start using supplements, no matter what they are, you may get a placebo effect from them and feel like you are really not doing anything in the gym when you are not on them. A lot of it is in your head. When it comes to juice, a lot of it is fact though to. You aren't going to be able to push the weight that you can when you are on, and you will notice losses when you are off and it can be incredibly hard emotionally. For one, anytime that you feel less than you were before, it is always hard on the ego. But that compounded with your hormones fluctuating, can really throw you into an emotional roller coaster.

    These sides are something that you need to understand will be there and you have to decide whether you can deal with them or not. Once you start, it is tough to go back.

    I am not trying to talk you out of anything by any means. I make it a point to try to keep my emotions in check all the time and just relax when I am off and understand that it is just part of it.

    When you are on, your emotions will be heightened at every level, including, happy, sad, and angry. But you will know that and you need to know that you can control it and maybe try to stay away from certain situations.

    It can be difficult at times, but I like the benefits from it more then the negatives. I just like to keep people informed before they use anything of some of the things they might not hear from the guy standing next to them squatting 800 pounds. He may not always tell you that a sad song on the radio made him cry. Those things can happen.

    Do some research and soul searching and make an educated decision.

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    NO explode? not even close to anabolics dude. most of the things you are getting from that are placebo type effects. Anabolics will increase your strength and if you have an addictive personality you will never be able to handle coming off. Good Luck Bro....

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    steroids have a severe impact on my personality, but for some reason that seems to come and go. losing strength can be very irritating, so do your self and your ego a favor and run clen during pct. that will help you keep more if not all of your gains.

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