Cycle ended 2 weeks ago.

12 weeks

600 test e
Dbol 30mgs for 1st 4 weeks

Started PCT this week. Taking 100mg clomid and 20mg nolva.

Started to get nasty acne on back last few weeks on. Went to my GP last week who prescribed Doxycyclin - 200 mg's daily. Also got a referral to see a dermatologist for a second opinion. Went to derm yesterday. Says I need accutane after seeing my back for 5 seconds. Need to get blood work done first. Marked several things on my sheet for bloodwork but said he/she would be mostly be looking at the triglyceride numbers to determine if I can go on or not. Has anyone got prescribed for accutane? If so was your cholesterol numbers good/bad? Will the clomid/nolva affect my numbers? Has anyone got prescribed with medium to high numbers? I had cholesterol checked a month and half ago. Just remember that my overall was 227 which is middle of the road. Was also told not to eat anything after midnight the day before your test. True? I know. Too many questions. Any feedback is greatly appreciated....