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    I want to LOOK better

    Hello, Im pretty new to all of this so please dont flame me if you think im way off.
    Im just looking for some pointers, Im about 6.2 ft, 210 lbs (I have alot of Body Fat,like 22% or so, alltho im built in a way that you would think im very buff if you saw me dressed)
    What i want to get out of cycling is this, i want my body fat to be reduced alot, and at the same time i want to build up alot of muscle (I dont want to be HUGE, just above average) In other words, I wanna look good naked (quote from american beauty .
    All my friends who currently cycles tells me i should use Deca because of the low side effects and good results, and Clenbuterol because, well its one of the fastest fatburners.
    I have these 2 Availible, but i would like some of your opinions on how i should cycles them, and for how long.
    Mind you i try to keep a healthy low cal diet, and i walk 2 hours/day.

    Would be extremely nice with any kind of pointers at all.

    Thanks // Charlie

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    1. Deca does not have "low side effects"...its can shut down your nutz as fast as if not faster than anything else---the dreaded deca dick, and it can lead to gyno (if your prone) that is nearly impossible to if your cool with those, among the other sides, by all means, use it.
    2. Clen works great for some, not so great for others, alot of people say that it just gives them really bad jitters...sounds like you could possibly knock out a lot of you bf by a good cardio program and clean diet...if you really are 22%, those two suggestions will definitely earn you some solid results. Once it stops dropping, then try other routes. Good luck!

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    dreaded deca dick? ouch dude now you made me rethink my whole *cycle*
    Thanks for the warnings,IronCy, im gonna study some more on all this.
    Im not sure if thats my real Body Fat % , I havent measured it, just got that % with the online Fitness Calculator, so it might be wrong.
    Do you have any recomendations?
    I have Winstrol Availible as well, A competing weightlifter told me to use that since it makes the fat "harder",any pointers on that?

    Thanks //Charlie

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    btw i read about deca dick and everywhere i see you should use test to couter it. Now i forgot about the gyno, gyno is when you get female breasts right?
    I have a pretty big chest, one of the reasons i look so buff.
    since my fat seems to settle over my stomach more than actually the belly.
    Does this mean im prone to gyno?
    If so , how do you avoid gyno?
    Thanks Again // Charlie

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    Charlie, how long have you been working out? What is your training like? What is your typical days diet like?

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    I had no side effects from any deca I have ever used. Clen gives me horrible headaches, and makes me shakey. I play a lot of golf, standing over my putts on clen is a nightmare. That being said, clen also gives me kick ass results in a 2 n a half week time period

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