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    cutting cycle - prop, var, masteron?

    i'm thinking of running the following as a cutter..

    weeks 1-6: test prop 50mg/eod
    weeks 1-6: anavar 60mg/ed
    weeks 4-6: masteron 50mg/eod

    i'm also thinking of running proviron at 25mg ed or adex at 0.5mg eod throughout, as past 2 cycles i started getting gyno, it was from dbol mind, but i'm not taking any chances this time

    i'll run hcg at 250iu every 3-4 days/as needed, followed by nolvadex for pct

    how does that look?

    FYI this will be my 3rd cycle, 1st was dbol and s1+ which went well, 2nd was dbol/test/eq but i was forced to drop the cycle early due to high BP and getting gyno early on, hence the milder doses this time round

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    var is good I would double the prop and masteron myself but you should still make lean gains and cut some fat.

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    IMO run your cycle at least 8wks and bump your prop and masteron doses to 100mg/EOD.

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