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Thread: how long..

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    how long..

    how long can you take EQ for? have had a shitty year and then some, about to hop back into the swing of things and was wondering if
    wks 1-10 400mgs test cyp
    wks 1-10 400mgs deca
    wks 1-4 75 mgs Fina ED
    wks 10-13 clomid
    wks 13-23 150mg test prop every 3rd day
    wks 17-23 75 mgs fina ED
    wks 13-23 50mg winny(** tabs) ED

    Now my questions are: is this decent? forget stats and all is this good..?
    should I add 300-400 wk EQ in wks 1-10, 13-23 ,... or say screw it and do it both?

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    Well, considering I don't know your background the only advice I can give is to either choose Deca or EQ but not both... Others may disagree but I would probably stretch the Fina through the whole cycle.

    Why don't you can the whole thing and maybe do the following?

    Weeks 1-12
    75mg Fina ED
    400mg's EQ a week
    400mg's Cyp a week

    And toss in D-Bol for weeks 1-4

    And maybe Winny in weeks 8-12

    Clomid to wrap things up...


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    Sorry, but in my opinion, it's not good. And why tell us to forget about your stats? It's important to have the person's context before you can suggest if a cycle is good for him.

    On to the critique:

    For starters, you are looking at way too long of a cycle. The Clomid in the middle will do nothing at all. First, you are starting right after you quit injecting the Cyp/Deca , while there is still a lot in your system (it takes 3 weeks for Deca to metabolize out). The Clomid will do nothing then: the Deca & Test Cyp will still be supressing your HPTA wile you are trying to restore it.

    So basically, you are doing a 23 week cycle. Long cycles have diminishing returns. Your body needs a rest from growth (it's very taxing) and you need to let your AS receptors freshen up a bit.

    Stick to something like DimX recommended. Do a normal (8-12 week) cycle and then give your body a rest.

    Take some time and do a little more research. From the cycle you suggested it sounds a bit like you were throwing in everything but the kitchen sink... No disrespect intended, but knowing what & why in a cycle is important in crafting a good, safe cycle.

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