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    Haladrol-50 the Dianabol cure????? help

    I want to stack Halodrol-50 with Dbol because according to all of the information i have found thus far these would work well together i know Halodrol is legal but i wasnt sure which forum to post this one in scince i'm incorporating a suppliment as well

    heres my devised plan

    week 1- (50mg H) (15mg Dbol)
    week 2- (50mg H) (20mg Dbol)
    week 3- (50mg H) (25mg Dbol)
    week 4- (50mg H) (25mg Dbol)
    week 5- (100mg H) (30mg Dbol)
    week 6- (100mg H) (35mg Dbol)
    week 7- (100mg H) (30mg Dbol)
    week 8- (50mg H) (25mg Dbol)

    Now, the method behind this madness

    after going through a cycle of Halodrol I experienced fairly extreme gains in muscles hardness that stuck with me
    my skin seemed to tighten down in those areas creating a less elastic(sp?) apearance in my skin
    along with this hardness was strength and size gains
    water seemed to just pour out of my body

    now I think the reason why dbol is a perfect match is that from my research i found over and over the side effect of water retention due to the way it aromatizes into estrogen

    I believe that these two linked together would not only offset some of the side effects of the Dbol but actually allow gains to stick longer post cycle
    and allow for my body to be less bloated

    what do you guys think?? offset or no go?
    alot of reading went into this and if its sheer bullshit please let me know.....
    and i'll go stand in the corner
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    lord forgive me for this.....bump

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