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    what to use alongside prop- nolva/proviron/both?

    i will be running 100mg test prop ED along with 50-100mg anadrol for the first 4 weeks. this will be a ten week course. was planning on taking 10mg nolvadex ED throughout, then for PCT 20mg ED for 3 weeks, along with 100mg clomid. my question is, would it be better to take 25-50mg proviron ED throughout the 10 week course along with the nolvadex? ive ran 4 cycles in the past, without any significant sides. one course i used 50mg proviron ED and loved the results, no bloat with 750mg test E (alittle high dosage, but at the time i didnt know any better). My main concern is gyno, as ive always had puffy nipples anyway, and a friend of mine has just ran 100mg test prop ED/50mg DBol ED for 6 weeks and is having the first signs of gyno

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    Well i think its no harm to put proviron i love it too make the proviron thru the cycle & with pct because you can get gyno during pct just to be safe do clomid/nolva/proviron on pct & on cycle add the proviron i love the combination of proviron/nolva its great oh btw on pct make the nolva 40mg instead of 20 & if you can do first day with 300mg clomid/2nd day 200/3rd 100 & the rest 50 i dont know if you are one from the guys that get sides from clomid i dont actually i went with 350mg clomid with my last 15wk cycle with no sides.

    good luck,

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