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    My Sus/Decca cycle

    i allready picked up the sus/decca.. and thanks to you guys i now know i should have clomids, and Nolvadex on hand. (My questions are marked with a : symbol to help make answering easier)

    i was looking through past threads and found out that i need about 36 clomids. I should start taking clomids about 2.5 weeks - 3 weeks after my last shot. 300 mg first day, 100 mg 10 days, then 50 mg 10 days (correct me if iam wrong)
    : when taking 300mg the first day do you take all 6 (50mg) pills at the same time? or do you spread them out during the day?
    :how about the 100mg?

    but what i diddnt see (maybe i didnt look hard enough)
    : was how much Nolvadex i would need/should i have on hand?

    I read that i would start taking Nolvadex if i felt my nipples tingle..
    : is this the only thing i should look for before taking it?
    :Also how many mg per day and how long would i take it? (assuming iam taking deca (400mg) for 8 weeks, and sus(500mg) for 10.. i read in a past post this is the best way to keep your gains)
    : If i have to take more then 1 a day to fulfill the required mg intake, Do i take all of these at the same time, or space them out during the day?
    : Also what is your opinon on taking Nolvadex through clomids.. is it necessary or useless(ive seen different responses on this in the past)

    :How much should i expect to pay for both clmoids and Nolvadex

    Thanks for taking the time to read/answer my questions. Ive learned alot here so far and iam gratefull to find such a great place where everyone gives helpfull advice.

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    As for the clomid some break it up through out the day which is probably the smart way to do it but I always just take them all at once, so that is to your disgression. As for the nolvadex you want to take 40mgs the first day and then I believe it is 10mgs for the rest of the cycle. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    you need 56 50mgs tabs of clomid and enough nolva to run from the beginning to the end of clomid at 20mgs ....60mgs till syptoms clear about a week add it up according to your cycle better safe then sorry and its cheap....and yes spread it its always better and easier on your stomach.....good luck ....

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