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Thread: old question

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    Question old question

    which do most prefure sust or test e..most will say test e becouse ov the long esters so less pocking your self with a needle .but which would give the best results on a 14 week course ..sus 250 on m,w,f,sun thats 1 gram a week or test e at 800mg a week would have added deca at 500 mg week with either course ..

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    I hate sust becaue of the "time released" effect from the long esters. I would hate having to wait 4 weeks to conduct PCT. IMO, enth is better for the following reasons...

    1)Less injections (who gives a shit I love prop and the ED shots )
    2)Where I live I can get enth a TON cheaper then I can Sust amps
    3)AMPS SUCK IMO. Multi-dose vials are the best way to keep cycle costs lower then compared to amps
    4)Enth should be less painful overall as far as injections go. A lot of cats complain about Sust being painful.
    5)sust is faked, IMO, more so then single estered tests. Albeit the latter are are also faked, but not as much as the former.

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