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Thread: Sust or Test E?

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    Sust or Test E?

    What would you all recommend for first cycle. I plan on doing some form of test with D-bol for the first 4 weeks to get a nice quick start. I heard good things about sust and was leaning toward a 10 week cycle followed by Nova and clom for thirty days. Please let me know which and why. Thanks very much!

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    Go with enanthate sus has many different esters with different half lifes so keeping blood levels stable is more difficult, plus sus is usually more expensive than enanthate and has more miligrams of test than sus given the ester weights in sus.

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    go with a single ester test such as test e or cyp. The four blend of test in sust require every other day injections to get maximum results (some will say otherwise), whereas cyp or e you only have to shoot twice a week.

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    I suggest you use the Test Enan. This is due to it being single estered, meaning its injected less frequently. 2x per week is sufficient. Sust needs to be injected ED or EOD to keep blood levels most stable, thus, reducing side effects. I'd also extend the cycle to 12 weeks and add Proviron at 25mg/ED. 14 days later PCT commences.

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