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Thread: need help?????

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    Angry need help?????

    can anyone suggest a cycle that will put some bulk and size on my physique. my 1st stack was dbol , sus, and deca but i really didn't know alot about it, and i couldn't even keep my gains cuz after i was told about clomids and some other stuff i should've been using to help me out, it was already too late. basically i weigh 165 and my goal is at least 190, i'm 5'8" so i don't wanna be too thick for my height. do you think test 200 would be something i'm looking for? and if so what can i stack with it if necessary. if possible i'd like to start this soon because my wife and i are going to the bahamas in sept and i'm trying to get back to those hardcore workouts at the gym! if anyone can help, i greatly appreciate it....peace out

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    how long ago did your last cycle end? And my favorite to bulk is what you already did, you may be able to substitue the deca for EQ which really increases the appetite and might help you get a little bigger. Just make sure you go a min of 10weeks, 12 is better IMO

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    id go like this.
    10 weeks

    1-10 400 mg cyp.
    1-10 400 eq
    1-4 34-40 mg dbol ed
    8-12 50 mg win ed or 35 mg var ed.
    start your clomid therapy week after last hit of winniy.this will definately help keeep your gains,make sure u have some anti es on hand or else when u go the bahamas everybody will be lookin at your titties.use them only if symtoms occure.good luck

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    Do some more reseach, that way you can make your decision, based on what you know about your own body, goals and the effect of the aas. Then you can post a cycle and the bro's can give there opinions on that cycle. Plan your cycle, don't rush it if you do you might start without everything you need like anti-e's, then you could have some unwanted side effects JMO. You know your body better then anyone else.

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