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    Past and future cycles

    i have a little history with juice. I was getting ready for the summer work for college money me and my cuz. we decided to work out and get bigger and stronger. we each started with a bottle of win 20cc and every day after work we hit the weight rum. we both could bench aroud 210 and with in a few months about 2 we increased to about benching 280. I was at first about 140 pounds at first because of running track and not being able to eat enough food but i had supreme endurance. anyway after we were some bad assess lol i was weighing about 152 punds but strong as hell. and it stayed with me if i ketp working out but college maid me slack off the weights

    after that i did a cycle of
    test enth 250 mg 2 ccs a week for 10 weeks
    win 50mg 2ccs a week 10 weeks

    i gained a weight and strenth i was about 175 punds and very strong
    but with in about three months i lost my weight with sucked
    but not all of it and i still got the strenth.
    i got gyno from my last cycles of teat under both tits there not that bad but i dont want them to get bigger, i got it becaouse i didnt have the nova when i neede it.

    let me tell you this: i felt great and the woman lol its all about confidence and this gave me it

    thanks for reading my story and now for a question
    i am getting two bottles of test and bottle of deca dorablin and bottle of win
    o ya and novadex

    i have an idea of how i am going to take it before the summer but how do you think i should cycle it?

    test enth. 20cc
    deca dorablin 10cc
    win 20cc

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    Moving this

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    AT LEAST YOUR LEARNING well with the gear youve got id run

    weeks 1- 10 - teste 500 mg ew - split doses monday morning and thursday night
    weeks 1 and 2 400mg deca ew split into 2 dose
    weeks 3-8 200mg deca ew split dose into 2 add deca to test e shots
    last 20 days of cycle 1 cc winny ed
    week 14 - 1-14 days 40mg nolva
    15-28days -20mg nolva

    if you wanted a proper cycle follow this

    week 1 test e 1000mg
    weeks2-12 teste 500mg
    week 1 deca 800mg
    week 2-10 deca 400mg
    winny last 20 days 1 cc ed
    hcg 500iu e5 d but screw that to hard to keep refrigerated just take some in middle of cycle and after on week 12 .
    pct starts week 14

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    thanks for the info yom ill keep udated on my production !

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