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    buddy wants to take clen but my source...

    freind of mine wants to take clen ... but my source only offers liquid clen and 1cc is 400mcg. dont you think that is high for one cc? I was to tell him to takea quarter of a cc a day for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. does that sound right? or no?

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    hell no thats 100 mcg per dosage lol you gotta start low and make your way up higher i know exactly who your talkin about to i couldnt figure it out myself so i said fawk it and went with another its to much find another source i think thats what i did

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    why not just get clen by clicking the flashing banner in the upper right hand corner of the screen? Its 200mcg/ml. I would do lots more research before taking clen. It can cause some serious sides if not taken correctly. I personally dont like it, all i got was a 120 beat/minute resting heart rate and an abnormal EKG. A few lbs arent worth damaging my heart

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    AAR has great clen .

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    In the Gym, if i could
    use aar

    or simply use a slin pin


    400mcg is high

    to give you an idea

    10iu on a slin pin would be 40mcg

    so 5 iu would be 20mcg

    good luck
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