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    is this true about d-bol??

    your last d-bol dose of the day should be 6 hours before sleep??

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    I dont see a reason why. Can you post it or did someone tell you this? It's not like a stimulant that will keep you up. I take my last dose right before bed to keep it spaced out as much as possible........

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    Maybe someone said this b/c you arent drinking water at night and the liver has a harder time without water. There is no other reason I can think of.

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    The idea is to have stable blood levels throughout the day.

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    dbol has a life of 4-6 hours in your system, so i dont understand who told you that

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    i take 6 like an hour and a half before i work out with a proviron . i heard it's better to spike your levels up than to try and space out a bunch of 5 mg tabs.

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    I've heard differing opinions on d bol. I know some guys who like to take it right when they get up.

    Most space it out evenly throughout the day to keep the blood levels even.

    I tend to follow that somewhat, but always do a little bit more an hour or so before I work out. Not sure if it really helps that much, but in my head it does, so I will continue to do it this way.

    Don't see much of a reason for 6 hours before sleep besides what one poster said about the water intake. You definitely want to be drinking lots of water when using d bol.

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    My split is 8am 12pm 4pm 8pm. Works well.

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