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    Please give me opions on my next cycle?

    week 1-6 Fina 75mgs eod
    week 1-10 sus 500mgs
    week 1-10 Eq 600mgs
    week 8-14 winny 50mg eod
    Clomid 2 days after last winny shot
    300mgs day 1
    100mgs/day First week
    50mgs/day 2nd week
    what do you guys think of this???
    also i would like to know what would be the best over the counter supplements to take during this cycle to help as much as possible ?
    Thank you for your input
    Maleko ---------------------
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    Looks fine. Just get some anti-es and some clomid. (i'm sure you knew that...just had to say it). Good luck.

    One thing....maybe try to split those sus injections up as much as possible through the week. I think you would benefit much more by doing so.

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    Oh...your gonna edit on me eh? LOL

    I think you would also benefit more by doing winny everday. If you only want 50mg every two days...then do 25mg everyday. JMO

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    looks good bro but like dizzy said winny ed not eod,id say the same thing for the tren .
    as for oc supps,the basic milkthistle(for winny and maybe glucosimine for joints)
    and if it premade tren id load up on the ibeprophren for painfull injs,sus hurts too,so ibeprophren will help for that too(800-1000 mg)

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