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    Angry Moonface on cutting cycle??

    I just thought i would see if any of you guys with your infinite wisdom and experience could tell me why i seem to get moonface off pretty much any kind of cycle that i do. i know for most its not a big issue but i would just rather i didn't look ridiculous for the 8 weeks or so during a cycle thats all. If it is caused by estrogen only then how come it happens even when non-Aromating compounds are used? i recently did a cycle of winny,primo and tren and my face was like a giant meatball. i check all of my products for authenticity and also run a low sodium diet and drink about as much water a day as is humanly possible. has anyone out there got any ideas or thoughts on how this can be avoided? any feedback would be much appreciated

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    Tren can cause some bloating because it hits the progestin recepter. Howerer, you shouldnt be getting moonface on that cycle. Weird!

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